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Welcome to The Malden Housing Authority

The Mission of the Malden Housing Authority (“MHA”) is to preserve, extend, protect, create and expand public and affordable housing opportunities locally while also maintaining and sustaining the affordability and improving the quality and condition of existing developments and units; to encourage homeownership, support community development, and increase the number and quality of accessible affordable units, free from discrimination. To fulfill this mission, the MHA will strive to embrace high standards of ethics, management, and accountability, and will attempt to forge partnerships that leverage other public and private resources in order to improve the MHA’s ability to be a successful and effective local assisted/affordable housing provider.
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Consistent with HUD’s Strategic Goal to increase the availability of decent, safe, and affordable housing, the Malden Housing Authority (“MHA”), by vote of its Board of Commissioners, has established a list of Institutional Goals.
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Stephen G. Finn
Executive Director

Board MeetingsUpcoming Board Meetings:

  • October 28th, 5:00 pm at 630 Salem Street, Malden
  • November 11th, 5:00 pm at 630 Salem Street, Malden
  • November 25th, 5:00 pm at 630 Salem Street, Malden

Job Posting for Public Housing FSS Coordinator

Posted September 25, 2014 (apply by October 8th)

The FSS Coordinator will oversee the Malden Housing Authority’s Public Housing Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program. The program's ultimate goal is to link residents to economic opportunities with other program partners.
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Housing Authorities Come Together to Offer Assistance Following Revere Tornado:

HUD has included a story about the MHA and other PHAs assisting the Revere HA with clean-up efforts following the recent tornado. Additionally, all should know that the MHA Board of Commissioners publicly voted to commend all MHA maintenance staff who participated in Revere’s clean-up efforts, as well as all who remained at MHA to shoulder the daily responsibilities inherent in operating the MHA, allowing those who served in Revere to so do.
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