Housing Availability

MHA Process

The MHA processes many new applications every day. Because there are many more applicants than housing, there is a lengthy waiting list.  It is difficult to predict the time between applying and receiving a housing offer – it can sometimes take years.

The MHA has no immediate housing available.  The first step is to complete an application at the MHA at our administrative offices at 630 Salem Steet.  As housing becomes available, the MHA schedules personal interviews with applicants.  Applicants are required to provide verification of their eligibility at the time of the interview.

Applicants who currently reside in Malden, Melrose, Stoneham, Wakefield, Reading, Winchester and the following additional communities directly physically contiguous to any one or more of same: Revere, Everett, Medford, Arlington, Lexington, Woburn, North Reading, Wilmington, Saugus, Lynnfield, Chelsea and Lynn may qualify for a local preference and could receive a housing offer sooner than applicants who do not.

What Do I Need to Apply?

You will need to provide the information listed below for all members of your household included on your application if they will be living with you at the time you are housed with the MHA.

  • Photo identification.
  • Your mailing address including the correct zip code.
  • Information regarding total weekly, monthly, or annual income and assets for all members of your household.
  • Social Security numbers for all members of your household.
  • Date of birth for all members of your household.
  • Estimated total annual expenses for medical, childcare, and care for disabled member expenses, and mandatory support payments.    
  • Completed and signed priority third-party verification form(s) and/or documents.

Am I Eligible?

Housing eligibility varies by programs. MHA staff evaluate each individual application and make an eligibility decision. Here are some general guidelines that the MHA uses to assess your eligibility.

  • Income limits: Check the most current income limits:
  • Background screening: Background check for criminal history, eviction records, ability to pay rent on time and maintain a clean and healthy home. This will be verified by current and previous landlords and neighbor references for the last 5 years of rental history. Some programs require eligible immigration status. Claimed local preference will be verified by a third party. 
  • Family composition: Households are assigned a specific number of bedrooms based on family size, usually 1-2 people per bedroom.
  • Identification: All adult household members must have a valid photo ID. 
  • Social Security number/citizenship: Some programs require that each household member have a Social Security number or certify that they have no number. These programs also require each household member to document that he/she is a U.S. citizen, or has eligible non-citizen status..
  • Elderly/Disabled housing: The head or co-head of the household must be 60 years of age or older or 62 years of age or older, depending on the program; or disabled as defined by law.

Additional Requirements for Special Programs:

  • Elderly/Disabled public housing: Open to those age 60 (state programs) or 62 (federal programs) or older, as well as all disabled applicants. Elderly/disabled housing is limited to one bedroom.
  • Elderly/disabled Section 8 Rental Assistance (Project-Based): Open to those age 62 years (federal programs) or older, as well as all disabled applicants.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Housing: Open to anyone who needs wheelchair accessibility.

Why You Could Be Denied:

  • If any household member has been evicted from a federally funded housing development or has had federal rental assistance terminated by a public housing agency within the last three years.
  • If the applicant has any outstanding past debts with the MHA or any other subsidized housing programs. To be considered, applicants must pay the debt in full before entering the MHA final eligibility determination process.
  • If any household member is required to register as a lifetime sex offender.
  • If any household member has been convicted or found guilty of producing methamphetamine on subsidized properties.
  • If any household member has a history of drug related crime or violent crime.  Additional information can be found under the CORI Policy.

Income Table

The following table summarizes the current family income limits for the various Malden Malden Housing Authority programs. 

S8 & Federal PH Effective 4/1/2021, MRVP Effective 4/15/2021, State PH Effective 5/12/2021, & AHVP Effective 5/12/2021.


Public Housing


Leased Housing

Family SizeFederal FamilyFederal Eld/DisState Eld/Dis Tenant VoucherMRVPAHVPPBV FamilyPBV Eld/Dis
1$70,750$70,750$70,750 $47,000$70,750$70,750$47,00$47,00
2 $80,850$80,850$80,850 $53,700$80,850$80,850$53,700$53,700
3$90,950$90,950$90,950 $60,400$90,650$90,650$60,400$60,400
4$101,050$101,050$101,050 $67,100$101,050101,050$67,100$67,100
5$109,150$109,150$109,150 $72,500$109,150109,150$72,500$72,500
6$117,250$117,250$117,250 $77,850$117,250117,250$77,850$77,850
7$125,350$125,350$125,350 $83,250$125,350125,350$83,250$83,250
8$133,400$133,400$133,400 $88,600$133,400133,400$88,600$88,600